Freeze grades for NSCAD students

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Students who pay to attend art school are paying for their resources and studio time. They are paying for in person critiques and the hands on learning that they cannot experience in their homes. A large amount of these students are international students who pay significantly more money to get this education. Students who attend NSCAD during the COVID-19 Pandemic have been sent home and do not have access to art supplies due to a rushed departure. Moving classes online does not provide students with the following: Studio Space, Library, Wood and Metal shops,Technical Equipment, and more. We don’t have time in person with our professors, meaning those who learn hands on are not getting the education they are paying for. We as students are missing out on in class evaluations that we need to compare our own works to others and gain insight on where we need to improve. We cannot improve without the aid of our peers and professors around us. We are also losing out on art supplies that we paid for in our professors budget for the school terms. A majority of students do not have access to purchasing art supplies with the current halt to society, most businesses are at a stand still and are closed until further notice with more and more closing every day. With this being said NSCAD should give students the options to freeze grades. Providing us with a less stressful end to the school term and aiding us with our mental health. A large amount of students also find it increasingly difficult to continue our work process from home whether it be because of unstable living environments or just your everyday distractions. I believe it would be in NSCAD’s best interest to freeze the rest of the academic term for their students. Concerning current assignments I think it is fair to ask for NSCAD to freeze grades and allow us to hand in current and upcoming assignments as extra-credit if we wish to increase our grade. It is beyond me that this situation has affected us all the way it has, but being that pursuing an education in art is completely different than it is with, for example Business, Nursing, or Engineering. I feel that the students who attend NSCAD should be given the chance to complete the school year stress free.