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Walk Off The Job

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July 1, 2013 5:44 PM Eastern Time
The American people are tired of being spied on,
tired of having good petitions throttled, and tired
of having communications between good citizens
and our elected officials intercepted by
Government-empowered security apparatchiks.
It is time to restore the Constitution and the
Rule of Law in the USA. Accordingly, we call
upon all NSA employees and their contractors
and assigns and their employees too,
to walk off the job, starting July 2, 2013 -
the actual anniversary of the approval
of the Declaration of Independence by
Furthermore, we call on all employees or
contractual assigns of Government at all
levels, in the United States, to refuse to obey
or carry out any order which contravenes any
part of the Constitution of the United States,
and to act in accordance with the laws of
the United States.
Finally, we call on everyone in the United
States, as well as the people of all countries
in the world, to assist in the effort to restore
freedom in the United States. Foreign governments
must insist that certain conditions be met before
the diplomats and officials of the United States
can be dealt with. Among these conditions
for restoration of suspended relations with
the US Government and all officials at any
level in the United States, are these:
1) The President must grant the
52-part Pardon and Reprieve, which
can be found among Facebook groups by
its identification number: 126111847544449.

2) The President must endorse the program
spelled out in the change dot org petition,
President Obama, Turn Over A New Leaf.
3) The President must give his verbal and
written endorsement to the Freedom Restoration
Amendment, or FRA, and to the petition on
change dot org: Congress And State Governments
Enact The Freedom Restoration Amendment FRA.

4) The President must appoint a FIST Prosecutor
for Pennsylvania and other States, who shall be
empowered to fast-track pardon requests favorably
to the President, to recommend emergency disaster
relief grants without prejudice to citizens and others
whose lives have been wrecked by unconstitutional
acts of Government officials and whose homes and
other items of value have been lost to them as a result
of official actions which are illegal; and to begin the
process of indicting and impeaching officials
who have committed Constitutional violations according
to the sworn testimony of at least three licensed attorneys.
Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

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