Arrest Perpetrators of Delhi Riots. Stop Delhi from Burning!

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My city is burning. Violence in Delhi has been unleashed. The death toll is already over 20, including a Delhi police constable. 

More than a hundred people are injured, property worth crores has been damaged. I have received several distressed calls from people in neighbourhoods of Northeast Delhi, saying they are scared for their lives. 

Rioters are running amok on streets, burning and looting shops, pelting stones and thrashing people. Scores of armed people have come from unknown localities and are now attacking the innocent. 

Screams of those butchered in the streets of Delhi in 1984 still echo, we don’t want more. There needs to be an end to this violence, and the perpetrators need to be arrested. 

NSA Ajit Doval has been given the charge of bringing Delhi violence under control. Sign this petition asking him and the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah to take strict action and arrest perpetrators. 

We cannot let our national capital burn like this. This has to stop!

Image credit: India Today