Nova Scotia students against the Glaze Report

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Hello. My name is Haolin Tong and I am currently a grade 12 student at Charles P. Allen high school. I started this petition with my partner, Katie Watters, who is also a grade 12 student at Charles P. Allen. We started this petition because we would like show our support to our teachers, principals, vice principals, students, and all school staff for the government's recent move to implement the Glaze report.


As students, we are concerned by the consequences that may occur as a result of the employment of the Glaze report and its recommendations. Our teachers will be voting for a possible strike or another work-to-rule action on Tuesday, February 20th. Our teachers and educators are the backbone of the education system, and should not be used as pawns in a game of political chess.

We have read through the Glaze report, and we have deep concerns. Is the current situation truly caused by the different boards or is it because of the socioeconomic disparities across the province? What is going to happen to class sizes and how can we assure that they do not get any bigger than they already are in our already overpopulated schools? Why decide to remove princials and VPs from the NSTU? They are educators first. A lot of questions are yet to be answered in the Glaze report. Going through the appendix, we also noticed that no teachers were actually interviewed while the drafting process of this report was done.

What we want is to solve problems instead of making them more complicated. As students, we will not tolerate this and we will stand up and support our teachers. Our teachers are our educators, and should not be forced into this situation without consulting them first.

Although we are not allowed to vote yet, and we are not allowed to strike, what we can do is to support our teachers with our voices and sign this petition to tell the government to stop this process and let our teachers do what they’re trained to do. Educate. If these changes are to happen, they need to be meaningful and productive. Not just a way to keep an election promise.


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