Petition update

Animal Protections Laws to change for dogs

Ariel Mactavish
Dartmouth, Canada

Dec 17, 2013 — While those of us involved in the Breighmara campaign are thrilled to hear anti-tethering laws are finally coming and less dogs will be left in the cold this winter, we are saddened that this story received such quick response from Keith Colwell, while our plight continues to be ingored. An update for you, Mr. Colwell has responded to a few of the emails he's received concerning the horses at Breighmara. The email assured that changes were being made and the horses would benefit. It wasn't until we started sharing this email that we realized he's sent all of us the same, generic one. I am also saddened to say that, although several horses were removed from Breighmara, those remaining are still in a dire situation and we fear they may not all make it through winter. The horses who were removed from Breighmara were either boarders, or sold by the farm owner.


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