Mitigation cost of Methane at Bentley Park shall be borne by Ryan/NV Homes; not residents

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Home owners of the Bentley Park community were recently notified by mail on June 29, 2018 regarding the increase in HOA fees by 14%.  This increase is to mitigate additional cost that would be incurred by home owners to address the presence of Methane gas in the community.

We hereby protest this passing of cost to homeowners for no fault of their own.  The builders, Ryan / NVR homes shall bear the financial responsibilities for all costs associated with mitigating the Methane gas issue.

The letter states that “the developer, in accordance with the requirements from the Maryland Dept. of Environment (MDE), cleaned up and reclaimed this area as green space” also that MDE monitors the ventilated methane and is working with the developer to achieve the appropriate solution”.  The home owners’ position is; if this area was appropriately cleaned in accordance with the requirements and regulations as stated, then the cost (present/future) to mitigate Methane gas from the land should be the responsibilities of the developer and should not, in all fairness, be passed on to home owners.   The Home owners disagree with the increase of the HOA fee that includes the removal of methane gas. Methane gas can cause health issues, particularly in closed spaces; and also has the potential to explosive in confined areas.

The Home Owners request the developers/builders/ all responsible parties to provide complete financial relief, provide an immediate solution, and accept all responsibilities to address the issue.

Bentley Park Homeowners