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NRMA Insurance: don't sack your Aussie workers and offshore jobs like mine - please help

I work at NRMA Insurance - and we've just found out that they may sack a lot of staff by January and send our Aussie jobs offshore. 

I'm really upset. Not just for me, but for so many dedicated, long-serving workers at NRMA Insurance who are now being thrown under the bus for cheaper labour. 

I thought NRMA Insurance were better than this. They sponsor Aussie footy clubs, and are meant to be a proud Aussie brand that consumers trust. 

How could they do this to their workers, and treat Australians like this? They made tens of millions in profit last year - but to make a little more they're going to hurt Australians who've built this company.

They are saying "no decision has been made yet" and will let us know in January - we have a chance to stop this disgraceful treatment if you all help us by signing this petition now. We need to show them that they will also lose customers and respect if they hurt Aussie workers by offshoring jobs.

Please sign to help us workers of NRMA Insurance stop them offshoring jobs. Thank you so much.


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