Stop NSW Based Media bias against Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club

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The constant NSW Media based assassination of the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club and it’s players needs to stop, it has become a constant barrage of hateful biased commentary on a yearly basis during NRL season.  It borders on harassment bullying and defamation and it has become personal now because it is affecting individual players and their families.  It is causing constant ridicule by Commentators, influencing the match officials and causing lots incorrect decisions by match officials which have had major influence on the results of matches.  The NSW NRL and NSW Media are turning people away from NRL in droves, it is having a huge impact on the Victorian based supporters, causing depression, anxiety and fear because of social media abuse by the NSW public, NSW Media and Journalists.  It is a huge problem for Storm Fans attending games in Sydney because they are verbally abused, spat at and had rubbish thrown at them Just for supporting their team most of this is caused by NSW Media bias.  I know to some this petition might sound ridiculous but is becoming a serious issue for the future of the NRL and things need to change or the NRL is going to lose more fans to AFL.