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Stop the wasting of Flint crisis relief money on waterfront leisure

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While people in Flint struggle for clean drinking water, their tax dollars are spent maintaining the water of wealthy mansion owners on Higgin's Lake. But not for drinking--for swimming. 

Swimmer's itch causes a rash and is carried in the feces of some ducks and geese. In 2016, the citizens of Michigan paid a group of self-designated professionals $250,000 from the state's General Fund to relocate just seven broods (a hen and her ducklings) of ducks in Higgins Lake in an attempt to solve their swimmer's itch problem. SEVEN. That's over $35,000 per family of ducks.

The project just moved them to another county where they can share swimmers itch with other lakes. Ducks (having a homing instinct and the ability to fly) also return annually to their home lakes, therefore the only outcome of the situation was wads of cash in the pockets of a group of old college professors.

Now, even more wealthy lake communities want to get a share of this supposed "solution" to their first world problem of swimmers itch. And the state wants to use this group of “professionals” to license anyone who wants to manage swimmers itch. Say monopoly in the making and messed up priorities five times fast.

Even if you don’t live anywhere near one of these lake communities, you're still stuck paying for their playground. And yes, some people from other areas visit their parks, but not enough to excuse spending a quarter million dollars of much-needed relief money on moving some ducks.

Find a better way to spend the money. Taxes shouldn't be a way for the rich to make everyone else pay for their hobbies. This is awful. I could do this in an afternoon for $100 and a grilled cheese sandwich.

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