Keep Holiday Home Accommodation in New Plymouth

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Hundreds of New Plymouth's privately owned holiday homes will be affected by the proposed District Council plan around visitor accommodation in New Plymouth.

The plan proposes restrictions on holiday properties to only be able to operate 90 days a year. This may see the END of many of our private boutique accommodation options available in New Plymouth. 

This will leave visitors paying inflated prices for hotels and motels in New Plymouth and rob travellers (and locals) of the option to stay somewhere unique. Not only are Holiday Homes a great option to experience something different, holidays can be more affordable for families with access to fully equipped kitchens for cooking during their stay.

The council has stated their sole motivation to this proposed plan is around scale of parking, traffic, noise and privacy of neighbours. These are all points we disagree are issues and we believe choosing your accommodation is a huge part of the experience of selecting where to go on holiday.

Holiday homes are vastly helping the tourism industry in New Plymouth.

Help show that you want to keep these homes as an option for a Holiday Getaway in New Plymouth by signing our petition. Submissions close 22nd of November.