Project "AshLee's Million" Let the Pet, carry on the Circle of Life, as a Singapore Tree

Project "AshLee's Million" Let the Pet, carry on the Circle of Life, as a Singapore Tree

7 December 2020
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Kenneth ER, PPA(P), PPA(G) (CEO, and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Norman Lee

Good Day All,

I am the grieving owner of a just passed away dog, Ashlee's 13 yrs old, and was in good health, but she collapsed suddenly, and had to be put to sleep, due to internal bleeding caused by a ruptured mass. I only had hours to react, and hoped that I had done my best for all.

I tried to find a closure to move on whilst trying to get to grips on the dog's sudden demise. I dun even have the courage to go for the private cremation and send her , on the last mile...

If i can be guilted for so much since last Thurs, How about the others that had done so much more for their pets or the other way around?

I did some findings and saw that NParks and the 1 Million Trees' are under the Ministry of National Development (MND) purview.

The public West Coast dog run is a nice place with years of memories and is also the venue of the last brunch picnic for my dog had before the 2nd vet, she never had the chance to visit the new East Coast by National Parks Board that my family was planning with the kids.

Still trying to move on, as I transit through the stages of grief, it suddenly occurred to me that this personal or even my selfish attributes; can be magnified for the good of more than just myself and Ashlee.


May I make a bold suggestion to you All?

In the Singapore quest for the 1 million trees, I hope that the Government, Ministry of National Development (MND), Nparks, HDB, JTC, URA work together , to mull a way for pet owners, and ALLOW for the plant-a-tree with the pet cremated remains for final closure?

In this way, memories can be keep alive in a healthy way for everyone.

1) Selective Areas only, to be allowed for such a pilot programme, bio degradable urns or cremated remains only, that needed to be PH lowered.
2) Such areas, to be mindful & sensitive to public users, yet conducive to pet owners ( e.g. Permanent dog runs boundaries, certain depth limit/areas for public parks, car parks, etc )
3) Places like the Railway corridors, can all be ‘adopted’ or ‘plant-a-tree’ tagging, to accelerate the 1 million mark,
4) Tacit placement in public parks and corridors, can also enhance the quality of life for such pet owners and visitors, for which these are readily accessible, whether for a memory trip or a get together.

I envision a day in an accessible SG park, for which I can tell my kids, then their kids, that the family pet that went over the Rainbow Bridge,  is continuing the Circle of Life, as a living tree, providing good shade and good air.

and I would wish so for other SG Families, 

Meanwhile I could only dream currently, for a private home/land, to plant such a tree. But that out of reach and niche plan, is still a reality.

Thank you for your time.

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Signatures: 3,732Next Goal: 5,000
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  • Kenneth ER, PPA(P), PPA(G)CEO,
  • Dr CHEONG Koon Hean, PJG, PPA(E), PPA(P), PBSCEO,
  • LIM Eng Hwee, PPA(P)CEO,
  • TAN Boon KhaiCEO,
  • Minister Desmond LEEMinister,