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Noynoy Aquino after Cory Aquino for OI Philippines Chair

The founding brother-and-sister stewards of theINSTITUTE of Health & Wellness PHILIPPINES Foundation Inc {at and} which fully supports in Manila and in Southeast Asia the organization of Orphans International Worldwide - The Philippines (OI Philippines or OIP) at as an independent program NGO and project nation of the US's nonprofit 501(c)(3) with EIN 43-1971411 Orphans International America (OIA) by Orphans International Worldwide (, had initiated moves to formally invite Her Excellency, President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, the inspiration behind the world's First Peaceful People-Power Revolution at EDSA in 1986 that ended the 20-year strongman rule of Marcos, to serve as Honorary Chair of OIP. 


Update about CoryAquino for OIPhilippines Chair, counterpart to MonacoPrinceAlbert in OIWW-NYC'; Noynoy Aquino is it


The Philippines' very own Cory Aquino had orphaned the Filipino in the homeland and elsewhere in more than 100 countries where there thrive Filipino communities of substance and form.


She succumbed to colon cancer on the 1st of Aug 2009 at 76 after a good fight of nine months. Those nine months were like (or as if) the seven years and seven months that Mrs Aquino had managed to keep the five children alive after Marcos had incarcerated and his court martial sentenced to death by firing squad, her husband, Ninoy, for political reasons, nothing more, nothing less.


With Mrs Aquino's demise, we, the founding brother-stewards at the Orphans International Worldwide - The Philippines (OIP) had agreed to offer if not invite Ninoy's and Cory Aquino's third son, Senator Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III, to serve as Honoratry Chair of OIP on behalf of his mother - the Freedom President of The Philippines - tita Cory Aquino.


Kris Aquino, their youngest, is one of the most popular tv hosts in The Philippines today.


But Noynoy Aquino, though low-key, can become a silent working chair-advisor to OIP more efficiently and more effectively than his star sister.


In America, Monaco Prince Albert, global advisor to Jim Luce's Orphans International Worldwide ( in New York that mandates OIP to be formed and organized so that and porphans campus may rise in the Northern Philippines, is also a distinguished son of two distinguished parents, Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.


Noynoy Aquino is a quintessential son of quintessential parents, Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino.


Get them on, your million power prayers and signatures for the eternal repose of Cory Aquino's soul and for the acceptance by the Cojuangco-Aquino family of a national loss, the eternal flame that was Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. And still is...


Please help convince Noynoy Aquino that he is the next better alternative...


To the 464 changemakers who believed in what we want to contribute to the world, thank you for your past support and thank you in advance for making this new aspiration through.


Thank you so much. Maraming salamat po. Pagpalain. God bless us all!


This has been a humble wish by the OIP founders and by Orphans International founder Jim Luce and his league and colleagues at OIWW in New York for the past few years. It will best serve the causes of the orphaned peoples of the world, they argued, if Mrs Aquino will become the great counterpart to OIWW chief advisor for its global concerns, His Excellency, Prince Albert of Monaco. 

OI Philippines founders, therefore, had enjoined the support of Senator Benigno "Noynoy" S Aquino III, Cory's and Ninoy's eldest son, to convince his mother to accept the proposition. Kris Aquino-Yap is also enjoined to back up the campaign.

Despite the common knowledge last year that Mrs Aquino is fighting to survive cancer, OIP is inspiring upon the former Philippine President that as such OIP Chair, "you need not do anything, you need not give anything, you just be." Everything else follows.
OIP explained, in a formal communique, "The wisdom that you (Mrs Aquino) can share with OI Philippines as the statesman who is a woman and a fighting Filipina of great substance, form and inspiration is enough for us to cherish for as long as we live. It will be highly valued and appreciated."

OI Philippines looks forward to "our meeting of the minds, hearts and spirits" with Mrs Aquino, even as OI Worldwide - together with all the doctors, nurses, caregivers and other (wholistic and holistic, integrative and complementary) healthcare professionals and workers who form part of OIP and theINSTITUTE -  hope, pray and offer to do anything, everything possible for the quick recovery of The Philippines' Freedom President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.

Because all the worldspeoples ain't seen nothing yet in Mrs Aquino.

May God bless us all!   

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