Persuade NowThis to remove their post promoting fecal tranplants as a treatment for autism

Persuade NowThis to remove their post promoting fecal tranplants as a treatment for autism

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The Sweary Autistic started this petition to NowThis Future

The aims of this petition are as follows:

To persuade NowThis Future to delete their promotion of Fecal transplantation as a treatment to autism.

NowThis have failed to respond to any comments, messages or posts from myself and other members of the #ActuallyAutistic community.

Why is this such a taboo?

You wouldn't believe it if I told you, But there are parents out there right now, giving their autistic children bleach enemas, parasites and even fermented urine to "treat" or even "cure" their childs autism. Obviously these methods don't work and place the child at risk. This is the current climate for autistics, and NowThis have propelled the perfect storm.

What is fecal transplantation actually for?

Fecal transplantation is used for a disease called Clostridioides difficile infection ( Called C diff for short). In a study in 2009 it was found that it worked for C diff where antibiotics failed. It is also a treatment for ulcerative colitis, although this takes repeated multiple procedures. It involves moving  healthy bacteria from a healthy gut to an unhealthy one, to promote growth of the right bacteria 

Why is this relevant to autism?

Some people, including the notorious antivaxx disgraced "Dr" Wakefield, have tried to propagate that the "mystery" of autism lies in the gut or bowel. Some people seem to think by treating the bowel or gut, they can treat the autism. Speaking to you as, we'll say, a gastrointestinally challenged autistic, I will tell you that even when my gut is performing as usual, I am still autistic.
People treat the bowel with anything from altered diets, to pool cleaner, both orally and rectally. As you can imagine, propagating that fecal transplantation is a treatment for autism further adds to this issue.

But wasn't this an actual study they published?

It was, but not necessarily a good one. None of the above was taken into account, it was a very small study with very little investigative work beforehand into the subjects previous gastrointestinal history. It is also very vague as to what it means by autistic behaviour and the such described as "reduced" in this overly optimistic video. The behavioural traits mentioned that he said "improved" after fecal transplantation, If I were to give this credence, aren't worth the risk of this procedure, which can be fatal if not practiced with ultimate safety. This is one small study and no way near empirical enough to propegate this as a possible autism treatment.

What else is up with this?

This also implies we must be treated to be more compliant, which is not only insulting to autistics, but adds to the stigma we battle everyday.
Many #ActuallyAutistic people commented on the video and messaged  them  . . .to no avail.
How can they propagate faulty and irresponsible information and refuse to answer the very people it harms?

Not to mention many autistics themselves don't want treatment or a cure, and find the incessant investment and attention towards such detracts from help that could otherwise be offered to us. We don't want medical treatment, just treated better by society and accepted for who we are. Autism is mostly genetic, and propegating faulty studies suggesting it can be treated with fecal transplantation contradicts that, and further promotes the already debunked gut theory.

Why this petition?

I believe with enough public pressure, Nowthis will either delete the video, Or we could persuade Facebook to commit to their word  that they're fighting fake news.  Myself and others reported it as such, to be told it doesn't violate such guidelines. I personally am unsure if Facebook's quality control are qualified to make such decisions when lives are at stake. Fecal transplantation isn't entirely risk free, And in a climate of irresponsible home treatments for autism, this is going to harm children. Please don't let it come to this, We have to act quickly.
Signs this, share this, and we'll make sure it gets to who it concerns. Perhaps NowThis will investigate claims more closely and understand what the current climate is, before putting this out there.

NowThis, Please remove this video.

The NHS has already stated that this needs more research. You can find more about that here

FDA have warned this procedure isn't risk free. Read about that here

Original video by NowThis future can be found Here

For more on current autistic challenges and ways you can support our community do find me on facebook as The Sweary Autistic

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