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Now is the time for all good men and women to call for justice!

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      Darah Michelle Gardner, only 24 years old, was killed when her abusive housemate got angry with her and forced her to leave with him and then when she tried to escape he grabbed her shirt and dragged her on a dirt driveway where she left a trail in the rocks with her foot about 12 feet long, Then he hit the gas spinning a 3 inch deep hole with his tires and pulled onto a paved road while holding her shirt and running over her head and killing her.As evidenced by her badly streched and severally twisted T-Shirt, Because he had one hand on her shirt and was driving while she was being dragged the tires left an "s" mark on the pavement at the end of the driveway.

     DARAH had called her Mother asking for help in dealing with the assualts of this man. (only minutes before her death) at aprox, 10:37 p.m. on August 23, 2011,Darah called her Mother for help, they spoke for about 15 minutes and at aprox. 11:00pm ...Her Mother told her to go outside and put as much distance between herself and the attacker as possible..and we discussed me calling 911, she wasn't trying to cause any trouble for this man, she simply wanted peace and to be left alone. He followed her outside and made her get into his SUV with Darah saying " I'm not going anywhere with you." as reported by the eye witness.  She was waiting for her Mother to get there to pick her and her sister up, and she had gone outside as she was told to by her Mother, due to the abusive words and actions of her housemate, which were heard on the phone and by Darah's Mother and others as well.

      She was waiting for her Mother to get there! Darah did not want to go anywhere with this man, only to wait for her Mother to get there in the middle of the night to help her escape the assaults of Mr. Galloway. The eye wittness described a violent jerking of the auto (thus the "s" marks at the end of the dirt driveway just onto the pavement), and then a bump when the driver ran over her sister near the end of the driveway, and Darah's little sister stated that  "Darah had been begging for him to stop, and asking him "Why are you doing this to me"?" Darah was afraid of being harmed by Mr. Galloway, as reported by the eye witness that night at the scene of Darah's death.

      The investigating Officers, threatened her little sister who was an intoxicated eye witness and they seemed to ignore the facts, (wittnessed by 3 or more people) the investigating officers saying that if they " have to charge him with anything then they would charge the eye witness with the same charges" that the person who had caused Darah's death could be charged with.

     Justice was not served. It is wrong to intemidate a wittness, especially an intoxicated and mentally fragile person, like the little sister who had just seen her sister killed by someone they had trusted.

 Darah was defenseless against the angry man who held her hostage and caused her violent death.

 Darah deserves to be heard and domestic violence is NOT acceptable.

 Domestic Violence perpetuated by a 34 year old married man killed this young lady.

 She asked for help...

Will you please SIGN for a CALL FOR JUSTICE FOR DARAH and her family. PLEASE HELP DARAH'S VOICE BE HEARD! ...SIGN this petition for Darah, and her family who are suffering daily. We expected a prosecution of her killer and we got a " death investigation" which seemed to ignore the facts!


 THANK-YOU so much for standing with us as one, against domestic violence and this injustice to Darah and her family!!!

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