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Stop Nepotism and Cronyism in the Novi Community School District

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Our Novi School Board is discussing changing policy #3120 that prohibits nepotism and cronyism in our district.  We believe our longstanding policy in Novi to prohibit nepotism and cronyism in our school districts is best for our children.  

Furthermore, we are very concerned about the reason our School Board is considering this change.   On December 22 of 2016 our School Board reprimanded a school administrator for deceptively recommending a personal relation for hire who became engaged to his son two months later.  The administrator sent his recommendation to several of his subordinates involved in the hiring process.  Policy #3120 states that “The employment other than casual employment, of members of the immediate family of Board members and administrators shall be prohibited.”  Instead of enforcing policy #3120, our school board is considering changing the policy to accommodate the administrator that they reprimanded for deceptively violating the policy. 

We, adult voting citizens of Novi, believe changing School Board Policy #3120 to accommodate an individual that was reprimanded for deceptively violating it is improper.  We demand that our Novi School Board enforce the current longstanding Policy #3120 to prohibit nepotism and cronyism in our district in the best interest of our children.

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