Action required by NIS to reduce tuition fees

Action required by NIS to reduce tuition fees

July 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Yana Veettil

With the start of the pandemic, everyone’s family has been affected one way or another. Most people have fallen on hard times, and this, sadly, includes families whose children study at Novel International School. There have been jobs lost and income reduced due to the nearly 4-month lockdown and quarantine.

In view of the present situation, we the parents of students studying in Novel International School would like to address the pressing matter of the current fees structure. We would like to request the NIS management to review the existing fees and consider a reduction (to be applied throughout the lockdown period, as well as in the coming months).

Following are the reasons behind our request:

1. Classes are online, which means that the school does not provide the materials (like photocopies, printouts, stationeries, etc.) that used to be given to students prior to the lockdown. Online classes also do not ensure that learning is being properly checked and students have grasped the material adequately.
2. The duration and number of lessons have been reduced – only main subjects are being taught. There are no more Quran, Art & Craft, PE, Computers, etc.
3. The burden of teaching and learning has shifted considerably towards the parents – parents have to spend almost the whole “learning time” with the children to ensure that they understand the matter.
4. A huge shift in expenses has occurred – the financial burden of providing printouts, electricity bill, good internet and devices (laptops, mobiles, tablets) has been placed on parents’ shoulders. Data charges are high and providing stable connection costs a lot per month.
5. There are parents whose income has been reduced due to the lockdown, as they weren’t able to work from home and earn.
6. Family “Dependent fee” is also at the highest as we need to pay SAR 400 for each dependent. It has also become a veryimportant issue.
7. Other schools in Jeddah like Dauha, DPS & Warood have also offered discount to all their students. (Confirmed news)

Parent's request to the school principal and school management to reduce the school fees due to the above-listed reasons.

We highly appreciate the management’s efforts and commitment to providing the best education that our children can receive. NIS has been a second home for our children and they miss their teachers, classmates and even the classrooms dearly.

We therefore, appeal to your sense of togetherness and ask that the school now support us in these difficult times.

We hope to get a positive response to our letter and remain faithfully yours,


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Signatures: 1,748Next Goal: 2,500
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