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Novato City Council: Hamilton Town Center is for ALL OF US!

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Update. 7/9/18
Novato City Council Meeting
Tuesday, July 10
6 p.m.


The Novato City Council will be voting to use Hamilton property sales money to fund the second phase of the Downtown SMART station. The staff is recommending the 500k from the sale of the property that is is going to be used for senior housing on Hamilton parkway.

Hamilton residents have been promised that the sales of properties at Hamilton will be used at Hamilton to improve the existing community facilities.

See item J2:


2. Consider and possibly take action to adopt a resolution to: 1) Approve a funding strategy in the amount of $5,214,000 for Phase 2 of the Downtown Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) Station, 2) Authorize preparation of funding agreements between the City of Novato, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTC), SMART, and/or Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), and 3) Authorize expenditure of $500,000 from the “City Owned Property” Fund #112

From STAFF Report link:
Potential Sources of Additional City Funding

1. Proceeds from the Sale of City Owned Properties

Senior Triangle Property (staff recommendation) - $500,000
Hamilton Hospital - $2 Million
Old Human Needs Center (So. Novato Blvd). 325,000

2. Measure F - Unallocated Funds and/or Measure F Reserve
3. Loan from Hamilton Trust (GF Repayment over 20-years)
4. Buck Center Agreement Reserve Funds. 500K

Please email your Novato City Council and let them know that Hamilton property sale money should be used for community facility improvement at Hamilton.

P.S. The transportation fund for Nave Drive improvements was delayed and used for the first phase of the SMART station. There are other critical infrastructure needs at Hamilton, such as sidewalks on C street, park and open space improvements including Hamilton Town Center.

Email by Tuesday, July 10 at Noon to reach your council.

Thank you,

-Tracey Ruiz


Original Petition

Novato City Council to discuss
SALE of Hamilton Town Center

On Tuesday, February 28 at 6 p.m., the Novato City Council will go into closed session to discuss the price and payment terms of the Hamilton Town Center Parcel to Avesta Group, the developer of the old Hospital. 

The Town Center parcel includes:  Hamilton Theater, Community Center, Dance Center, Hamilton Preschool, the Bus Stop and the parking lot for all of these community facilities plus parking for Unity in Marin, the Novato Arts Center, and Beso Restaurant.

The City of Novato has KNOWN since March 15, 2016 that the DEVELOPER is interested in developing this land for their own profits.  Watch the video at 1:11:36. However, the first time that the community hears of it is on an CLOSED SESSION agenda to "NEGOTIATE PRICE and PAYMENT."

Let the Novato Council, Novato City Manager, and the Director of Hamilton Reuse know that they should put Hamilton RESIDENTS before DEVELOPERS!  Where is our opportunity for public input?  This is not an example of a TRANSPARENT government.

Novato City Council Agenda


Hamilton Theater Town Center Site
APN No. 157-690-47

Agency Negotiator:
Regan Candelario, City Manager
Scott Ward, Director of Hamilton Base Reuse

Negotiating Parties:
Avesta Development Group, LLC

Under negotiation:
Price and Terms of Payment

The HEART of Hamilton is the TOWN CENTER.  Let our Mayor Denise Athas and Novato Council know that public properties should not be sold out from under us in SECRET closed sessions, particularly a property that currently has extensive community use. Where is the public dialog?

The funds from the sale of the Hamilton Hospital ($2 million) and the Hamilton Cottages parcel ($500,000) could be used to rehabilitate the Town Center for continued COMMUNITY use.

Please sign this petition; email your council; and attend and speak at the closed session at the City OFFICES (not City Hall) at 6 p.m. 922 Sherman Ave.

Mayor Denise Athas
Eric Lucan 
Josh Fryday 
Pam Drew
Pat Eklund   (to reach all council members through the city clerk's scheduled distribution).

-The Voters of Novato


petition prepared by:  Tracey Ruiz, Hamilton Resident


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