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Novartis ~ Interceptor - Customer Relations: Reinstate the original Interceptor with no change in the ingredients

We have so many of the herding breeds that are sensitive and can even cause death without Interceptor on the market , owners of the breeds who are sensitive do not want an alternative  to Interceptor, we don't want any added medications into the original formulation. Some of the dogs that are sensitive are prone to seizures and no other product is as safe as Interceptor to our pets lives. Please reinstate this product we are desperate to get this item back on the shelves and QUICKLY!!!!!!!

Letter to
Global Head of Professional Service Veterinarians Dr. Jim Blacka
CEO, Mr. Folkert Kamphuis
Gentlemen we are asking for you to Reconsider and reinstate the original Interceptor with no change in the ingredients for the following reasons.

Many herding dog breeds are afflicted with a mutation of the multi-drug resistance (mdr1) gene. This gene encodes a protein (P-glycoprotein) that is responsible for removing certain drugs and toxins from the brain. Dogs that carry the mdr1 genetic defect cannot rid their brains of the problem drugs. The result is a neurotoxic buildup that can cause abnormal neurological symptoms and/or death.

Breeds known to carry the mdr1 mutation include Australian Shepherds of all sizes, Collies, English Shepherds, Longhaired Whippets, McNabs, Old English Sheepdogs, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Silken Windhounds. Research has shown that three of every four Collies have at least one copy of the mutated gene.

The most commonly prescribed drug on the list is ivermectin, a wormer used in many canine heartworm preventative treatments including Heartguard, Iverhart, Tri-Heart and Advantage DUO. Dogs in the affected breeds should use milbemycin oxide (Interceptor) for heartworm preventative instead of ivermectin as it’s generally considered a safer alternative.

In addition, Interceptor is the only safe treatment for Demodex mange in collies and shelties , and Interceptor is the only safe alternative for heartworm prevenative in Seizure drugs which is not limited to the herding breeds but all dogs.

Please reconsider your business decision and start production of Interceptor in it's original form without the additive for flea inhibitor, we as a community realize that the patent has expired but keeping this product on the market will keep your customers coming back to you instead of going to your competitors, I know I myself will not use Sentinel or Interceptor with flea additive in it and will go to the other companies that have milbemycin oxime because Trifexis is one we can use and since the patent expired anyone is now free to make a generic product with milbemycin oxime. If you bring it back now , think of how many people will remain loyal to you and your product! I will be one of them, so do us all a favor and start production as soon as possible.

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