Give Nova Scotia para and special track and field athletes the points they deserve.

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Every year, thousands of student track and field athletes in Nova Scotia train hard to compete in district and regional events with the hopes of representing their schools at the provincial meet. There are regional and provincial banners to be won by the schools that accumulate the most points based on their athletes' performances. But there's a big problem: The Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation doesn't award any points to the athletes competing in the para and special categories. These athletes, who train and work just as hard as the rest of their teammates and compete at the same meets, are excluded from contributing to their schools' points totals. No matter how well they perform, their results do not count toward helping their schools win a banner. 

A student runner, thrower, or jumper who has a physical or intellectual disability is essentially being told by NSSAF that their efforts and accomplishments don't count.

We need to make the NSSAF understand that this is unacceptable. We need to convince the federation to change its practices and end this discriminatory treatment of some student track and field athletes based on physical or intellectual disabilities.

Go to a school track and field meet and you will see athletes from all schools and all categories supporting and encouraging and cheering on their fellow competitors. If the students can exercise that level of sportsmanship and fair play, surely the adults who oversee Nova Scotia school sports can, too.