Bring the New Brunswick Free Tuition Program to Nova Scotia To Help Eliminate Student Debt

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Many students struggle with finances involving post-secondary, then graduate in debt which can take years to pay off. Some choose not to go to school for fear of losing so much money, and others aren't able to go at all from lack of income. Nova Scotian students don't have anywhere near the financial support as our neighboring province (New Brunswick). New Brunswick has a system in place called the Free Tuition Program (FTP), in which the government pays residents in its province to go to school: $5000 a year for college students and $10 000 a year for university students. I want to bring a program equal to, or similar to the "Free Tuition Program" to Nova Scotia to help my fellow students and improve our economy with more enriched jobs. If we can get enough signatures, we can hope that our government makes this change. If the exact change we want doesn't happen, the government recognizing the problem could lead to future solutions.