Request General Public Exit Ramps for District 1 Broadway/French River

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We are concerned for the limited access to the new proposed highway. The distance between Sutherland’s River and Barney’s River is 21.5 KM. This distance is 72% longer than the average distance between all exists from Halifax to Sutherland’s River and 34% longer than the longest distance of Exit 18A Mount Thom to Exit 19 Salt Springs West River.

This is unsafe and unjust for fire, ambulance, and police services to the local rural communities. Great consideration should and must be given not only to the through travelling public, but also for the essentials and needs of the impacted communities. Accessibility at Old TK. 4 intersections is of utmost importance for the above mentioned services but also for snow removal and maintenance by TIR, for the ease of life of the Rural Residences and to help slow the Policies of Rural Depopulation.

Representation of all three levels of government Municipal, Provincial, and Federal (National Trade Corridor Funding) have a moral and political obligation to the Rural Communities and must have a strong voice in the final decision making.