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14 year old Molly Martin from Eskasoni First Nation community in Nova Scotia has been missing since Thursday August 13th, she has had no contact with any family and is believed to be with a 47 year old male (Darcy Doyle) who used to be her foster father.

The police have labelled her as a runaway and are doing nothing.  It is day 4 now and this has not made the news and the police are not searching for her.

Systematic racism is alive here in Canada too. Far too many indigenous women go missing every year in Canada- and little to nothing is done by police.

There is something terribly wrong with our system when a 14 year old girl is missing and all the police can do is call her a runaway but just last week when a 73 year old man was blueberry picking and got lost on the way back to his car- THE POLICE, SEARCH & RESCUE, HRM FIRE & EMERGENCY & K-9 UNITS SEARCHED UNTIL THEY FOUND HIM.

Why aren’t they looking for this girl? Why are the family members doing their own searches on 4 wheelers through the woods?  Her life matters! INDIGENOUS LIVES MATTER.  #bringmollyhome #protectourchildren

Why hasn’t an amber alert been issued? These are the basic requirements for an amber alert to be issued in Canada:

-The child is under the age of 18;
-A belief that the child has been abducted;
-A belief that the child is in grave danger;
Information is available that may help locate the child and/or the abductor (e.g., description of the child, the suspect, or the vehicle driven by the abductor); and
-That the alert be issued within a reasonable amount of time from the moment of the abduction.

Police have not released pictures or information about Darcy Doyle, Molly is only 14 years old while Darcy Doyle is 47 years old. Darcy Doyle is known to police. Doyle is due in provincial court next month on an assault charge and has a number of convictions up to 2006 on assault, theft and weapons charges.

Darcy was also been banned from the We’koqma’q First Nation, the community where Molly Martin is from.

Molly Martin is in imminent danger. 

Please let’s come together and help find MOLLY MARTIN. Take a few minutes and sign the petition below to pressure law enforcement to issue an amber alert!!!!