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Designate parking spaces close to the hospital for cancer patients receiving treatment.

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There is no parking made available for cancer patients at the
QEII's Dickson cancer clinic.
What can the Cancer clinic do?

• Provide a designated parking area for cancer patients
with enough spaces( we are looking for at least 25 spots ) Use a boomgate and/or a
 Permit system to make sure only eligible patients can 
park there, and enforce it. Cars can be towed and tickets issued for unauthorized vehicles.

• Use a permit system such as windscreen stickers,
swipe cards or dashboard passes, with expiry dates
 or color coding to show patients with current 

Having a designated parking area close to the hospital for cancer patients who are receiving treatment is vital. We are fighting the biggest battle of our lives and having the stress of parking should not be one of them.
 We were late for an appointment at the cancer clinic because it took us over 30 minutes to find a place to park. And to top it off, some parking meters only go to the 2 hour mark, which means you have to run back out (leaving your loved one, or if you're the patient, you run the risk of getting a ticket, which happens 99% of the time!). This past summer During my husband's three-month hospital stay , we encountered that greed of the NSHA & HRM, and received 4 parking tickets coupled with some pretty hefty parking fees.
Also the long walk to the entrance of the hospital is exhausting.

While my husband has been going for his treatments, We've also seen a lot of others who are receiving treatment at the QEII's Dickson cancer clinic, and many of these patients are seniors.
This parking problem has to be addressed because it has been a problem for these patients for years. Designated parking is needed for cancer patients and those spots need to be close to the entrance of the cancer clinic.
I started this petition because many cancer patients, including my husband, talked about the problem with the parking and how frustrating it is to find a place to park going to the QEII Dickson cancer clinic, especially in the winter months, which I am dreading even more. Skin exposure in the frigid cold is a big concern. Not to mention your weakened state.
I hope the hospital can designate an area for cancer patients close to the clinic. It would make this journey a little easier on the patients.

I will say though, however, that the QEII offers a discount to patients & family for "extended stay"... although many restrictions apply. One of them being you have to pay for parking (in their parkade) for 14 uninterrupted consecutive days, in order to qualify for this discount... & it doesn't apply to overnight parking) so if you have to work, get sick, or have children at home that can't be left alone, chances are you'll never qualify for this discount).

Paying exuberant parking fees & fines in & around Hospitals is a country wide issue.


Patients across the country are paying for parking. In Montreal, it could cost as much as $10 for half-an-hour. In Regina, the cost is as low as $1 for 30 minutes.
Alberta Health Services collected $78 million in parking revenue across the province last year.
AHS says every dollar will be re-invested in parking because it doesn’t receive government funding for that. When a new hospital is built, parking is not part of the capital budget.
“It’s not funded that way,” Steve Reed explained. “It’s funded through our parking revenue. Like I said, all the parking revenue is used for parking.”
If there was no parking revenue?
“There would be other taxes and so forth,” he said. “We’d have to pay for it some way.”
He said there are a number of ways people can pay for parking: meters, weekly or monthly passes. Rees also said parking costs can be supplemented in some cases through partnerships with social workers and the parking office.
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There are exceptions to the rule. Prince Edward Island has eliminated the fees, as has the Vancouver suburb of Delta. The mayor pushed for the bylaw after her daughter had an extended hospital stay.
“I think you have to measure what’s most important: dollars or people,” Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said.
The federal government says this is a provincial issue.
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Advocates want to see change and more transparency when it comes to parking companies’ income.
“With patients already experiencing an adverse medical event, particularly if it’s a long-term issue, parking fees get to be really, really up their on their priority list,” Angelica Martin with Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society said.
“Those fees can really seem exorbitant to them over time, it really does add up, and it becomes a barrier to health care as well as a burden in a time that’s already very stressful, very emotional.”
She said some patients will park far away from the hospital to avoid high fees. Others, she said, just can’t afford the parking.
“No family wants to be faced with the decision of either getting the medical care and attention that you need and having to pay the fee or sticking it out to see if it’s going to go away.”

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