To achieve better internet speeds/service for Customers with Seaside Communications

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As with many who are here for this petition, I have had nothing but poor speeds and poor customer service from Seaside Wireless Communications. I will say the service from tech support has been great. We have been customers for over five years and have had nothing but issues. Like most who have Seaside as a provider, we would go to another provider but there isn't another option here in rural NS .

 We have called customer support, Technical Service, did the hard resets, replaced equipment, have the ugly 10ft pole on our house, complained to the CRTC, etc. However, the internet speeds have not made any improvements. We rely on and expect better from Seaside and this government. We are paying $80.00 a month for 10mbps . I am currently writing this and getting 0.07mbps. 

The federal government provided $6 million dollars to Seaside in 2015 . The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency gave $2 million dollars to Seaside Wireless Communications. This year, the Nova Scotia Government announced it will spend $120 million on ensuring rural Nova Scotians have high speed internet. 

Our communities are suffering  Complaining to Seaside has fallen on deaf ears. If you or someone you know is having issues with Seaside Communications, please sign the petition. Let's make Seaside accountable to their customers and to the tax payers who provided the funding that was suppose to be used for better internet speeds in rural Nova Scotia .