Ease Food Industry Policies for Home Chefs!


Ease Food Industry Policies for Home Chefs!

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sherif ikladious started this petition to Nova Scotia Government and

In Nova Scotia, Canada you legally cannot sell pastries, cakes, breads, meals, desserts, and more, if you are a home-chef. 

That being said, if you are a home chef or a home baker, and you sell your products; you will receive a warning from a Nova Scotia Environment Public Health Officer stating that you must shutdown, and remove all advertisements of your business, side hustle, or whatever you want to call it.

My name is Sherif Ikladious. I’m a 16 year old, self taught chef. I’ve been running a cooking Instagram page where I share my work, aswell as occasionally review and critique other local restaurants. On February 27th, I sold food for the first time. This was my first — and last — day of selling. I made 3 sales, and I made a $90 profit.

If you know me, then you know cooking is my passion. Is it something I wish to do as a career? No! And you may ask “Why not?” 

Well, the answer is simple. I don’t cook for money, I cook because I enjoy cooking, and whenever I have the chance to let people try my cooking, I take it! It genuinely gives me joy knowing other people get to try my recipes, and love them as much as I do.

I’ve been planning on selling my food since July 2020. Now, after ONE day of sales, I’m forced to shutdown. Now, I understand — yes, I do not have any permits. I did not check any laws prior to beginning my sales, so yes, It makes sense for the government to shut me down considering I do not have my permits. I am MORE than willing to get permits.

BUT: The government also requires that you have a commercial, licensed cooking space. This can either be a rental or purchased property. Now, here I am, at 16 years old; There is no way I’ll be purchasing a property, and I’m too young to rent a space. I also don’t have the money for it! This is just one of many unnecessary policies that the Nova Scotia Government requires.

So, how does this affect YOU? Well, this whole petition isn’t JUST about me.

Have you ever gone on Facebook Marketplace and noticed people selling food? Cheesecakes, eclairs, sourdough, cakes, and more? Well, what is supposed to be a simple, fun, part time job from home, is now ILLEGAL in the eyes of the government.

I’m petitioning to ease the policies for home bakers and chefs.

We are in a global pandemic. People are at an all time high for needing extra pocket money, what with all the lay offs, and the job market not being the greatest.

My petition’s goal is to remove the policy in which home chefs and bakers need a commercial space for their work. Either remove this policy, or create new guidelines for home chefs and bakers exclusively.

For a country so free, it’s nearly impossible for a young person such as me, to create my own opportunity.

Teenagers are basically designated fast food and retail employees; the passionate ones (such as myself, such as teenagers who cut hair out of their garages, such as teenagers who do anything outside of the “norm”) are set up for FAILURE.

The government doesn’t want us to win.

And to add on to this; the government seriously emailed me to shut me down? Because I’m cooking safely, following sanitary precautions aswell as COVID-19 precautions? But they’re not invested in people who sell marijuana, molly, xanax, nicotine and more to minors on Snapchat and Instagram? They’re not invested in the adults who make & sell unsafe liquor to minors? But ah, yes! I’m the criminal for selling my hot cheeto mozzarella sticks.

Join me, and make a change! Sign my petition, and let’s get the governments attention to create a more open space for young entrepreneurs; Chefs, bakers, and so on!


This petition made change with 346 supporters!

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