Do not burst the Atlantic Bubble!

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I am a concerned parent, community member, and physician in Nova Scotia.    I, along with many others, am against the opening of our borders, without quarantine, beyond the Atlantic Bubble.    We have all worked so very, very hard, and have endured great challenges over the past five months.   As a reward for our hard work, we have enjoyed a modified return of many activities, precious outdoor and active time, time with loved ones, and, as a consequence, improved mental and physical health.

While I can appreciate that there are pressing economic concerns, this is an unprecedented time.  An international pandemic is a far more pressing concern.  The health of ourselves and our loved ones is a far more pressing concern.   

As a parent of two elementary aged children, their health, the health of their peers, their educators, and all families, particularly so close to the return to school, is a far more pressing concern.    With tourist season winding down, I cannot imagine the very short-term benefit outweighs the risk to the health and well being of Nova Scotians, and those in our Atlantic Canadian Bubble.  The potential gain is so small compared to what we have to lose.    

I implore you to maintain our Atlantic Bubble.   Please let our children return to school as safely as possible.   We need to understand that new normal before introducing other unknown, potentially harmful variables.    I truly can appreciate how difficult this is for for families and friends outside of the Atlantic provinces who want to return home to visit and see their loved ones.   I lived in western Canada for 6.5 years.   But if we shut down again, those of us here will also not see friends and family.   

Until there is an accurate and robust system of testing those travelling to our Bubble, the 14 day quarantine remains our safest option.