Cell Tower required on end of Myra Rd in NS , for residents and safety of trail users

Cell Tower required on end of Myra Rd in NS , for residents and safety of trail users

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Started by Barb Stubbs

In todays world it’s impossible to think that there aren’t enough cell towers in rural areas. 

Cell towers have become a necessary tool for safety and location and general use of residents, visitors and the community as a whole.

I find it incredible that there is still a lack of cell towers when this is the main form of communication for people today. This is a huge disservice for the rural communities. 

In particular I am requesting a cell tower to be placed at the end of Myra Rd in Porters Lake NS.

This tower would be a huge asset to the community for cell service , as well as the public for safety and Emergency situations.
Over the years there have been several instances of people getting lost on the trails either by foot or ATV.  As there is no service due to lack of a cell tower these easily managed situations become more serious and worrisome than they need to be.  

Our Nova Scotia nature trails for hiking and off-road vehicles are a huge draw for our community and people from other communities across Nova Scotia as well as tourists from outside the province. I understand the need to unplug and am in total agreement but we all know accidents happen and in case of emergency on these trails an ability to call for help via a cell tower is most beneficial and can save lives. Not to mention the residents in nearby communities that don’t have proper service to conduct necessary daily tasks. 

Please share this petition for the safety of residents and outdoorsman in this area and let’s get this done! 



402 have signed. Let’s get to 500!