Protect Endangered Mainland Moose by halting crown land harvests: Fourth Lake-Napier River

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The Eastern Moose is Endangered in Nova Scotia, threatened by habitat and connectivity loss, disease, and poaching. Despite its worrying status and a legal obligation to protect the Mainland Moose, the Nova Scotia government continues to allow detrimental harvest activities in confirmed habitat, even during breeding season. In May 2020, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Brothers found the provincial government negligent in honouring their legal obligations to Species at Risk, identifying Mainland Moose as just one of many species needing greater action to accomplish their legally required protection.

We demand that the Department of Lands and Forestry uphold the Endangered Species Act and immediately halt all harvest activities that result in heavy removals (e.g. clearcuts and even-aged harvests) on crown lands between Fourth Lake and the Napier River, where the presence of the Endangered Mainland Moose was recently confirmed by several biologists and naturalists.