Senior's Being Neglected In Senior Homes

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Nancy Kelsie was a resident at the Melville Lodge nursing home in Halifax.
Gem retirement living

Patient records provided to the family show she fell twice on January 21 around 1 p.m. and again around 6 p.m. Despite her injuries, she wasn't taken to an emergency room, and records show her family wasn't notified about the second fall until the next day.

Nancy Kelsie daughter Tina Marie Williams acknowledges her mother did receive pain medication in the form of Tylenol and visits from medical staff but insists it wasn't enough. 

Records show Nancy complained of dizziness Vomiting was observed having difficulties with speech and still there was no visit to hospital or call to family.

More then 24 hours after the fall which caused all of the bruising Nancy was finally taken to the hospital it was determined she had 2 hematomas, Which needed emergency surgery A Fractured spine, Broken neck and fractured ribs.

This is Melville Lodge statment who is owned or operated by Gem health care group  They said they had contacted a doctor who provided medical advice without ever seeing Nancy Kelsie, They had contacted emergency paramedics The next day, Melville Lodge has taken all actions consistent with the care directives available to it.”Gem Health Care Group.