Aging out 4H members getting make up year

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As a 4H member I cannot begin to explain how devastated I feel about the year being cut short due to Covid-19. I'm sure many Nova Scotia members, leaders, and parents are feeling the same way. Not being able to partake in Achievement Days, Not feeling all of the build up of happiness, pride, and of course stress the night before your county exhibition. Not being able to pull on that tug of war rope after all the time you spent in the gym this winter. Finally having the animal of your dreams and this years livestock show being cancelled. For a lot of us we can say, "Well, theres always next year" but for our 2020 aging out members they don't have that option. We are a group of the hardest working youth and young adults this province has to offer. So, telling us that we are not allowed to finish something is one of the most hardest things for us 4Hers to take in. We are asking for your support to give our aging out member a chance to finish what they started by rising the 4H ageout age to 22 for the 2021 4H year.