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Support the proposed solar farm in Gedling

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Renewable energy company RE-Fin Solar wants to place solar panels over 14 hectares of the site, generating 5,000,000 kWh of electricity a year – enough for over 1,000 homes.

The panels are around 2.5m high and non-reflective in order to reduce their visibility from the surrounding areas.

Developers have said that the proposals for the energy farm will complement the council's plan to transform the colliery into a country park. They would also welcome visits from schools and college so that students can learn about renewable energy.

As shown from David Cameron, George Osborne, and Lord Browne, this country is addicted to extracting dirty fossil fuels like oil and gas instead of investing in renewables. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Gedling Conservation Trust have spoken up against the solar farm plans due to concerns about damage to wildlife.

The Gedling solar farm is a perfect example of an investment in renewables. Climate change is a huge threat to us all - not only just humans, but to wildlife too - these organisations KNOW this. If we don't invest in renewables now, such as this solar farm, then we won't meet our climate targets, and there will be almost no hope that we will stay within 2 degrees warming of the planet.

Yes, they are right to be concerned about the wildlife in Gedling, but if we don't have these renewables in place, then climate change will mean we won't have us or these wildlife to enjoy this beautiful planet.

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