More Secondary School places for Gedling Borough

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The new housing developments in Gedling Borough will generate the need for more secondary school places, Nottinghamshire County Councils’ own figures show an annual deficit of places peaking at 743 by 2027/8. That’s 743 children without a space at one of the 2 secondary schools in the borough (Carlton Le Willows or Carlton Academy). One of those children could be yours or mine. 

The council refuse to admit that there is a problem; that their own figures show. 

The new housing developments do not give any provision for secondary school places. 

The old Gedling Comprehensive site off Arnold Lane has been demolished, and there are no plans to rebuild a school on the site. 

Please sign the petition to demand the County Council provide a detailed plan of how they are going to overcome the shortfall. We don’t want super-sized schools, we need a third secondary school and need it soon. 

What’s more important than your child’s education? 

Thank you