Secure the staff of Nottingham College the contracts they deserve

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Simon Carter
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As a recent student of Nottingham College, I believe that the staff create one of the most supportive learning environments in Nottinghamshire, allowing students to reach their full potential. However, staff have been forced to either accept a new unfair contract or face losing their jobs. 

Despite already not having had a pay rise since 2010, the contract now delivers an increased workload and reduced pay by up to £1,000 a year for some teachers to name two unfair clauses. The limit on teaching hours per week has been removed completely, overworking members of staff beyond their limits for unfair pay - meanwhile, the principal responsible for instigating the new contracts has so far refused to accept the injustice of his proposals.

It is unreasonable for teachers to be expected to be able to adapt to the new larger workload when they are being paid much less than their efforts are worth; many join the teaching profession for the satisfaction of seeing young people grow and develop new skills, yet the new conditions the staff will be forced to accept will prevent them from giving their students the support they need - in order for the college to be successful, both the staff and students must have their needs met, and the new contract is not in the interests of either party.

Help us to protest for better contracts and the respect that the staff members at Nottingham College deserve.