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Save Watch me Grow Peep baby Group for under ones in Nottingham access for all families

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Watch me Grow Peep baby group is being cut, access is being limited to a referral basis only, it has previously been open access for all mums with under ones. The session was accessible until babies turned one it is now being cut to twelve weeks per family. The numbers who can attend the group are also being cut.  It is an important service and is the only free under fives group of its kind providing essential support aimed at the under ones servicing the Nottingham area. It provided a safe environment for babies to develop through singing and storytelling and interacting with other babies the same age as well as providing valuable support for caregivers. It is a travesty it is being unnecessarily cut. The service is still being run but for a limited number of families and a limited number of weeks, at a time when so many other groups are being cut reducing access seems ludicrous. New Mums and young babies are going to be isolated as a result.  Surely it is more proactive to support everyone instead of targeting families once a problem arises.  The group gives families an opportunity to bond with their babies and the confidence to socialise with other new parents, it is particularly important it is available until children are one year old as parents with older babies can offer support and advice to new parents this is now going to be denied under the new set up. Please sign now to stop this happening.

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