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Do not auction live animals!

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Morally, how can you possibly support or advocate the "auction" of a living creature?
This puppy--Daisy--is a living being; her wiggly, adorable form houses a unique spirit, a soul. She has a name, a beating heart, likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, just like the rest of us. This is somebody’s LIFE, not a vase or a painting. I can't help but to feel that following through with this plan could and will result in all manner of negativity.
My greatest concern is with the caliber of person that Daisy's "adopter" might be. As I'm sure everyone knows, money is never synonymous with purity of heart or intention. A perfect example would be the widely publicized case of Ethan Weibman; a "trust-fund baby" who, both in New York and Baltimore, has a grisly history of serial cat mutilation and killing. Additionally, how can any of us forget Michael Vick, the most notorious wealthy animal abuser? Need I say more?
How on earth can you possibly simply toss a dog to the highest bidder; regardless of what kind of person he or she may be? Even if the "winner" is a "nice person," consider also what could occur if that person tires of his or her “impulse buy.” What happens to Daisy then?
You of all institutions should desire retain a certain level of class; yet participating in the auction of a living being reflects a dismaying
level of crassness on your part, which can only reflect poorly on you. It is shocking and disgusting that you would see no wrong in
perpetuating the idea that companion animals are to be seen as "property;" mere "things" that can be bought and sold.
The abominable concept of auctioning a living being should remain in the dishonorable past of our country, before human slavery was abolished. Teach your students and supporters to value and respect all life; teach them as well the importance of adopting one of the millions of homeless animals, rather "shopping," and the level of commitment the addition of a new family member requires.

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