zoo is a cruelty

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My daughter Aadhya, visited Delhi zoo, when she was 5 years old, it was also her first visit  to any zoo..she was very happy,as she loves animals.All the way, she kept talking and dreaming about different animals she was going to see.


Soon , we arrived at the zoo,looking around ,  left and right ,inside the enclosers where animals were kept.There were different wild animals, most of them looking dull, lifeless, sitting grim in one corner of the captive enclosers, some trying to hide from visitors presence, few pacing right and left regularly, another few bobbing there heads continuously,big cats like tiger, lion, jaguar are limited to maximum an acre of land,they are usually constipated.and sick.Overall  the  animals were  frustrated, unhappy and in great anxiety,Zoo is  a jail for the animals.

While coming out of the zoo, my daughter asked me, mom , what is ZOO ..? Difficult answer is not it.?

Zoo is a closed premises, where wild animals are kept for human entertainment and to earn currency,.the animals are allowed to eat, drink water, sometimes breed.The best zoo is no where closer to the natural  environment of the animals where they are born and suppose to live for the life time,this is cruel, there freedom is curtailed,they die each moment in captive before there agonized clinical death.

Is this the life we choose for our fellow being? ???

Are we not taking advantage of being a superior animals, who can think? Just Imagine what can animals do to us if they too start thinking like us?


.All zoo should be closed down, private or government,only animal rescue centre should be operational,.they are centre of cruelty,.a place where animals are kept in captives till they die.In todays world ,when we have smart technologies of study, we cannot give pretext of introducing child to wild animals.Even , if its an age old tradition to get entertainment through. captive animals., we should demolish such tradition,Any civilized and cultured society will not enslave precious life, for there own entertainment or to earn money. lets respect life, we wish to conquer moon, but before that lets prove worthy of this planet.

.These are the thoughts of my six years old daughter, Aadhya ,who wish to ask the Authorities to closed down all zoos, private or government.Please support a child in her mission by signing this petion .LETS BE IN SUPPORT FOR THE LIFE. SAY NO ZOO.