Stop North Scranton Housing Development Project

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Proposed project: NEPA Realty Ventures, LLC is seeking several variances relating to the property (land) surrounded by Lackawanna County Vocational School, Wales St., Hollow Ave., Charles St., Reese St., and Interstate 81. The proposed housing project will be developed on this 19.5 acres of currently wooded land. They plan to have three story buildings with 250 units. They plan to build a road through Hollow Ave.

Who will be effected: All North Scranton residents. Surrounding neighborhoods will potentially be effected as well.

How we will be potentially effected: 

•There will be a tremendous amount of traffic through our quiet neighborhood. With no traffic studies being done we can only assume 250-1,000 cars per day traveling our already struggling roads

•Property values will decrease

•Potential tax increases

•Changes to drainage patterns can cause flooding

•More students at our schools that are already at max capacity

•Wildlife will be displaced- which is already overpopulated due to the development of land near Viewmont Dr.

•Safety risks: wildlife (deer, fox, bear, etc.) being pushed further into residential area, more deer ticks in residential areas, construction and removal of wooded area will create poor air quality for neighbors, busier streets will make it less safe for our children to walk, ride bikes & skate on our streets

•Our quiet neighborhood will be disrupted with increased activity from more residents and traffic

There are many other factors to consider. This will disrupt our way of life completely. Not only is this a terrible idea that our community is devastated about but we were not properly notified. They have been very sneaky about this development. Residents that were notified were blindsided and only given notice days prior to the zoning meeting. Some residents who have bordering properties have yet to be notified. Given the way they went about this we can only assume they knew if they let the secret out people would put up a fight, and for a good reason.

With reconstruction of the Scranton Lace building underway it will provide plenty of housing for city residents. We have houses for sale all over the city, empty apartment buildings, condemned buildings, and new projects started in various areas to accommodate our population. Development of this land would devastate our community and is quite frankly completely unnecessary. 

Please help us stop this project. The neighbors will fight this until we win. We will not back down. This out-of-town developing company does not know the strength of North Scranton nor do they know how deep our strong community comes together in a time of need. We ask our city not turn their backs on the residents who have lived here for decades and have maintained this peaceful & beautiful neighborhood. 


Please join us at 6:00 Wednesday, August 8 at Scranton City Hall to show the zoning board how many people are against this development.