#NotMyDSU: DMU Students call for referendum for a DSU to hold a re-election

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We the student body call for a fair re-election for the roles of, President elect, The DP Education elect, VP Student Activities elect and VP Welfare and Community elect due to large scale alleged evidence of electoral fraud. 

What is  #NotMyDSU  about: Allegedly there is a large amount of evidence that the 2018/19 DSU elections have been subject to fraudulent campaigning as well as voting. Let’s work together to protest this. It's been said that 4/5 of the Full Time Officers were party to this cheating.

The duly elected officers shall not be named on this petition, however the following roles have been affected, President, The DP Education, VP Student Activities and VP Welfare and Community. We believe there was a clear case against four candidates and that suitable evidence was submitted that should have led to their removal from the election process and also that this election was not conducted in a free and fair fashion.We also call for there to be a serious investigation into the electoral process at De Montfort Students’ Union

What do #NotMyDSU want: We have three clear demands from our movement: 

  1. We demand a transparent and open investigation into the alleged election fraud and a clear response to this investigation that details the actions taken during the investigation. 
  2. If serious election fraud is found to have happened then we demand the removal of these candidates and a re-running of elections within the 2017/18 academic year.
  3.  We demand that any student who has actively partaken in the planning and executing of protests, including occupations, use of social media and physical picket lines, be exempt from any disciplinary action unless a law has been broken

To add some background, the alleged cheaters and their campaign team harassed students on campus all week with their iPads, strongarming people to log into their personal accounts then fraudulently voting for their friends who were also running as well as verbally abusing other candidates.

It’s concerning that DSU allowed this and did not intervene. DSU allegedly spoke to candidates about aggressive and fraudulent campaigning but this clearly did not work. Due to these underhanded cheats  many brilliant individuals who would have fought tooth and nail for their student body missed out. 

Many of you may be sitting there and thinking it’s over now, what can we do. We can get our voice heard!


The DSU by-laws state:

"A referendum may be called by a Secure Petition signed by at least 100 members, except in the case of a Referendum to pass a motion of no confidence in a Trustee or Elected Officer where articles 38 and 40 of the Articles of Association apply." 

Articles 40 states:

"40.2  is removed from office as an Elected Officer by:

40.2.1  a motion of no confidence in the Elected Officer passed by a simple majority of the Members voting in a Referendum, provided that at least 1000 Members cast a vote in the Referendum. Such a motion shall only be triggered by a Secure Petition of no confidence signed by at least 500 Members; or

40.2.2  a motion of no confidence in the Elected Officer is passed by a two thirds majority in a vote of the Student Council. Such a motion shall only be triggered by a Secure Petition of no confidence signed by at least 1000 Members;"

To reach our goal we need to engage with as many students as possible and take a stand against the Student Union. We have to use our voice and stand together to let DSU know that we are appalled by the way things have been handled. 


 We want to make it very clear we should work with the University in this matter yet not allow them to take advantage of our position as students. We should also aim to work with our partners within the National Union of Students’ and other student lobbying groups to raise awareness online and to help with a physical presence at any action taken. We would encourage all students to boycott De Montfort Students’ Union until this issue is fully resolved.


Shayoni Basu, Elle Knaggs, Thom Chapman, Reece Staffierten, Sophie Hamilton, Lauren Thomas, Chris Doyle, Dan Newley, Gage Holland, Gavin McMinn, Kelly Davies, Tom Guyton-Day