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#NotMyCaf: Terminate Marianopolis' contract with cafeteria manager Monchateau

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The Marianopolis Student Union (MSU), which represents all full-time Marianopolis students, is endorsing the termination of Marianopolis College's contract with cafeteria management group Monchateau. This company has consistently provided food to students which was of subpar quality and at unfair prices, within the context of remarkably bad customer service.

Here is a list of just a few of the many issues faced by students when purchasing food from Marianopolis' cafeteria:

  • Food quality: The taste and quality of food is lacking, which is probably a result of the lack of care in its preparation. In a recent absurd example, a student who ordered a "cheeseburger" was given only a piece of cheese between two slices of bread, because "he didn't specifically ask for meat".
  • Portion sizes: The amount of food served for a given menu item is seemingly random, and appears to decrease over time.
  • Customer service: Cafeteria employees are a mixed bag: some of them are exceedingly nice, while others have outright yelled at customers who were too slow to respond to queries about their food choice. Several cafeteria employees have shown a willingness to be overtly aggressive, in a way which is far from isolated and conveys that Monchateau's policy is obviously not that "the customer is always right".
  • Overcharging: Members of MSU Congress have experienced first-hand that cashiers overcharge for certain items. When they are called out on it, they have systemically failed to apply government guidelines which require them to give any item under $10 for free in case of a misprice.

The MSU has a long history of positively engaging with the cafeteria's managers and with the school to constructively remediate these problems. It is this persistence that has informed and convinced Congress that the problem is not circumstantial but institutional, stemming from the fact that Monchateau, given its monopoly on food sales at Marianopolis, has an economic incentive to engage in harmful behaviour since its customers have no alternative. The MSU thus believes that the only way to resolve this issue is for Marianopolis to terminate its contract with Monchateau, and replace it with an alternative food service provider which will bring high-quality, affordable, fair and respectful service.

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