Nothing Passes Through Senate Or House Without Unanimous Consent Of Democrats

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Our country is not a Plutocracy; we are a Republic. I implore every American patriot to support this campaign; among the 78 million petitions that have resulted in real world change and success on's platform, there could be no other with a greater clarion for us to succeed. As Russiagate evolves, I have edited the content of my petition. Joseph-Marie, comte de Maistre (1 April 1753 – 26 February 1821) writer, lawyer and diplomat said every country “gets the government it deserves.” Democracy and capitalism are malleable to the people governed by them. If they are not operating in favor of the populous at large, it’s because of the inducements of those who are positioned to affect them.

The Republicans’ essentially succeeded in forcing their nefarious “Tax Cut” at 12:45am ET through the Senate and ultimately Congress on Wednesday December 20, 2017, (in the Senate there was a pretense of opposition by Republican’s, but when it mattered most, the stench of their Autocratic agenda suffocated every chamber of congress; having Doug Jones on the floor, unfortunately, would not have made a difference, on that infamous day, both Democrats' and Republicans' cast their ballots along party lines, Democrats’ a resounding no, and Republicans’, unabashedly, yes, 1 & 2), and then in the House of Representatives, a few Republicans’ feigned opposition to their reward to their wealthy donors and fortification of a number of the GOP members’ own wealth as well as Trump’s, 3 & 4, under the pretense of a “Tat Cut.” American illiteracy (in the sense that we are generally not well read), lack of appreciation of the urgency and importance of representation, participation and voting (just look at Trump’s Administration's treatment of US Citizens' in Puerto Rico, it is no coincidence that it correlates with the fact that they have zero electoral representation, 5); of the 35 developed Democratic Nations listed in the Organization For Economic Development And Cooperation, the US ranked 28th based on voter turnout in 2016, 6. Contrary to popular belief, voter turnout was greater in 2016 than in 2012 (yes, and as much as I love and admire Barack Obama, no, even he would not have won based on the insidious web of voter suppression and purging created by the GOP to steal the presidency) Hillary Clinton lost in spite of her campaign resulting in more participation than Obama in 2012 and garnering “the third highest turnout rate in a presidential contest since the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971.” If you want to hold on to the myth that Bernie would have won or the idea that the Democrats’ campaign strategy was significantly flawed, or one of the other common distortions, Hillary Clinton was not a good choice, etc. the data speaks for itself. Hillary was the best candidate and still is, 7 & 8. Suppression of ballots, 9, proved to be a much more significant factor in Hillary Clinton’s loss than the electorate body’s engagement, coupled with Russian interference, 10, and extreme partisanship vis-à-vis the Comey Report, 11, (James Comey certainly got what he deserved when Trump relieved him of his post); according to Edison Research, Comey’s baseless admonishment to the public ultimately resulted … “among people who said they had decided in the final week before Election Day” (who they would vote for), “47 percent voted for Mr. Trump and 42 for Ms. Clinton.” In such a precarious political climate, the Republicans’ have taken over congress, continue their attempts to radicalize the Supreme and Federal Courts with Right Wing extremist and have stolen the Oval Office. No matter who you voted for, we (Americans') are responsible for our current political atmosphere. Before I am a Democrat, I am an American Citizen, and I hope all US patriots will join me in solidarity in demanding that our government does what is in the best interest of its constituents’. The Republican Party have proven to be enemies of Democracy visa-a-vis their Tax Scam being rammed through congress and progressive legislation rescinding DACA and TPS, failing to fund CHIP, defunding education, refusing to pass common sense gun control laws etc… favoring the rich and corporate interest over the demands of their own constituents’, they stand behind an illegitimate president, and possible traitor (depending on the scope of Robert Mueller's discovery regarding Trump's conglomeration of businesses), a White Supremacist, 12, the GOP (and the corporate media, particularly Fox News) continues to try to normalize Donald Trump and condemn the Russian investigation instead of expediting and supporting it as a matter of national security. Russiagate is a witch hunt yet Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Paul Manafort have pleaded guilty, and Paul Manafort’s home was raided by the FBI and Rick Gates (Manafort’s assistant) subsequently turned himself in (and has recently plead guilty as well, 20), and the latter two paid multiple millions of dollars to stay home under house arrest.

With the recent government shutdown, Republicans' have demonstrated their lack of ability to govern diplomatically. Being in control of the Oval Office and both houses of congress they are to blame. With a pending shutdown, Republicans' refused to even pass a bill that has bipartisan support to continue to compensate military personnel during said period simply to be able to blame Democrats' for service members not being paid during the congressional freeze. DACA also has bipartisan support, nevertheless, the GOP are unable to come to a reasonable resolution relating to people who have become illegal immigrants' as a result of Trump rescinding the program, a self-manufactured crisis. Religious and ideological insanity is pervasive among Republican's and their desire to impose it on legislature is what unifies them and not sound and reasonable governance for the populous at large, 21. 

Trump’s fate is sealed. In a shrewd maneuver, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reinforced his investigation by teaming up with prominent New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sharing all evidence and testimony he has collected with said attorney. Hypothetically, Trump could rid himself of Mueller’s boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well as Mr. Muller, nevertheless, he has no authority over Schniederman who previously forced Trump into a 25 million dollar settlement over fraudulent practices at Trump University, 13, (even if Trump moves forward with his unhinged idea of  firing Mueller, Adam Shiff  has made it clear that congress will simply re-hire him with the stipulation that the Kremlin in Chief will not be able to do so again, 14) and many other occurrences are bringing the tentacles of justice to coil around Trump and strangle him and his administration’ to death, pun intended. Almost 70 percent of White Men voted for Trump and 53% of White Women followed suit, White’s represented 71% of the electorate in 2016. White America has something to do with the ungodly political and social climate that currently exists in this country. The insidious subculture of White Supremacy must be eradicated. We can start the process by ridding our country of this blot of a president.

Closing Arguments

Trump is a political abomination, 15. The entire upper echelons’ of the Republican leadership could be tied to Russia, 16; we demand that no legislation is allowed to pass through the House or Senate without the unanimous consent of the Democrats until Robert Mueller’s investigation is completed. The people do not recognize the legitimacy of the current Oval Office Resident’s, Donald J. Trump’s authority, and he should not be allowed to pass any further legislation through Executive Order or appoint additional federal justices. We implore congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to expedite the Special Counsel’s investigation and ability to quickly litigate all charges for the sake of our government’s equanimity. We the people beseech the court(s), for Trump and his campaign’s aiding and abetting of a foreign adversary, and for a litany of other egregious acts, that he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (the death penalty is universally recognized for treason. If the operation of his conglomeration of companies, in the United States and particularly internationally reveal collusion and treason (Trump owns companies in Egypt, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia the point of origin of more than 94% of terrorist attackers’ against Americans’; 18 of the 19 members of the September 11, 2001 attack come from one of those regions yet Trump’s illegal Muslim band has not been enforced against people traveling into the US from those places, 17); Trump along with anyone who assisted in aiding and abetted, including his’ family, members’ of the GOP’, his cabinet or any other relevant parties must be brought to swift justice. All resources must be administered to avoid another embodiment of catastrophe in the likes of Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence. A heavy handed example must be made so that one would be left to pause at the mere prospect of following in their footsteps.  We also demand that each state be allowed to choose between the Republican Tax Overhaul and the IRS version consistent with the codes updated in 1986. Those who have already filed their taxes should be allowed to recall their applications and the deadlines extended as necessary. We the people ask that these stipulations be put into place as a matter of national security, governmental equanimity and responsible leadership. Should this escalate to the Supreme Court, we ask that Trump's appointee (Neil Gorsuch) be recused from ruling on this matter.

Finally, it must be noted that Trump has never condemned the Alt-Right in line with the assertions of Richard Spence post Charlottesville, 18. The Alt-Right and other hate groups have threatened to take up arms against the government if Trump is impeached. There are basically two general factions within the Alt-Right. One that believes in overthrowing the government through legislative measures, Trump appears to be among them, but they are the minority, the majority believe in violent overthrow, 19. Ask yourself this question, why with one of the most horrific mass shootings in recent American history, in Texas, occurring under Trump’s watch and others are the Republicans' refusing to pass common sense gun control laws. I have contemplated this matter, and there is only one logical conclusion; Trump is facilitating the arming of the quarter of his most extreme base with military-grade weapons as a last ditch effort to prevent himself from being removed from power; he will not step down quietly like Nixon. If he cannot establish his agenda through big money influenced legislation, he will turn to violent opposition as a last resort. I hope I’m wrong, but ask yourself this question, your Honor(s), can America afford for me to be right?

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And Activist, Holisticism Action Network, thanks.

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Because of the deluge of legislative excrement being pushed by the Republican Party. I will add other noteworthy campaigns so check back from time to time, regards. 

If you believe in a woman’s right to choose, as I do, please donate to support this campaign. If you can’t provide financial support, a signature will suffice. Mike Pence on Roe V Wade, “I long for the day that Roe V. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history, 1 & 2.” Funny, I feel the same way about the Republican Party. His view is not based on science but on the desire to impose his religious ideology on legislature. Please defend women's rights against the Vise President and Trump who once said women should be punished for having abortions, of course he later retracted his statement; nevertheless, his VP pick, the fact that he lies over 80% of the time and his signing of the “Global Gag Rule” his first day in office reveals that he clearly meant what he said, 3. Please help protect women’s rights against the ideologically and religiously insane extremist like Trump, Pence and other GOP Right winger’s:, thanks.   

1.      Ariana Eunjung Cha, “Mike Pence Has Made No Secret About His Views On Abortion. Will This Help Or Hurt Trump?” The Washington Post, July 15, 2016:

2.      Christine Grimaldi, “Mike Pence Had A Meeting With Anti-Choice Activist He Doesn’t Want You To Know About” Rewire, July 11, 2017:

3.      Lucia Graves, “Trump Once Said Women Should Be Punished For Abortion. Now, he’s making it happen” The Guardian, January 24, 2017:

Passing Citizens' United Is One Of The Worst Decisions Made By The Supreme Court

Particularly on the Republican side, big money and super pacs with little or no transparency are adding to corruption, political policies motivated by corporate profits. It's the reason the GOP rammed their "Tax Cut" through congress as a reward to their wealthy donors'. Please sign this petition to urge the Supreme Court to reverse Citizens' United: The mission is to reach at least 2 million signatures. I hope you will add yours'. One of the major agendas of Trump and his cronies is to weaken our governmental institutions and turn our Democracy into a corporate state, 1. A reversal is critical to undercutting Trump and the GOP's big money agenda.

1. Phillip Rucker, "Bannon: Trump Administration Is In Unending Battle For Deconstruction Of The Administrative State" Washington Post, February 23, 2017:


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