SGI to change back their definition of antique vehicle

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SGI changed their definition of "antique vehicles" without consulting the public.  With this decision SGI will no longer be defining any vehicle past 1987 as an antique in the future.  This decision will be a deterrent from anybody wanting to preserve their, or any vintage vehicles, and our heritage with that.

 You should sign because everyone pays for people who abuse the vintage vehicle program. Some people have exploited the antique vehicle program in the past, but instead of improving the system to prevent exploitation, SGI decided to shut down without consulting the public and the people that have been explaining the system will continue to exploit it.   SGI needs to re-open talks to the public so we can find a solution that is equitable for the insurer and the person being insured.   One of the solution to the abuse of the system would be to limit the months in which the vehicle can be driven at this reduced rate, or having vehicle inspections on vehicles that want to be classics.  SGI also should make sure these abusers have a second vehicle registered for at least 8 months every time they renew their polity. 

   Let's open up up talks with SGI and keep the program  alive for future enthusiast.

 grew up near Detroit (motor City) which has a  huge classic car community and when I moved to Saskatchewan I felt right at home with all the other car enthusiasts here.   Growing up there was no question why there was such a huge community, but I have to question why Saskatchewan has such a car scene.    I would assume that affordability of ownership and regulations must played a huge part to why there are so many older vehicle still on the road.   I believe if classic cars are made not affordable people will be less inclined to preserve them.  

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