Safety for women and any vulnerable persons.

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With such huge number of women and also elderly being attacked, my idea is to allow them to use a device that can stop attacker .

Not sure what is most effective gadget to use. It needs to be small, handy, easy to activate, not to cause permanent harm to the attacker.

Calpsicum spray, tear gas, piercing loud object etc.  I am not expert here.

I believe and trust that there are many out there that can help develop this petition. 

We can stop rapes, murders, thefts, breaks in and more.

The idea is to come up with 1 or 2 deterrent.  It needs to be legal to posses such device. 

 It makes me horrified and sad to read so often about criminality and people losing life.  And those are innocent people.   Please support this petition. 

Anna Sztuka