Change education so we love to learn what we are taught

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How many times have you used Pythagoras theorem? This argument isn’t new to’s very common for people to ‘rage’ that they don’t learn what they need at school. As an individual whom has recently completed alevels (year 13/age 18+) I feel youngers need to be educated with life skills that will aid them in the future in addition to the curriculum.

I have been privileged enough to have been through private education,however I have never been the studios individual. At the age 16/17 I started my first paid job in the banking industry and it soon became apparent that the skills needed in ANY job & everyday life are just not taught to us. I want to be the person I needed whilst at school;I want to make a change with your help  and make the curriculum something for young adults to enjoy and feel they’ve learnt something worthy. I feel we should be educated with skills such as CPR,mortgages,mental health and many more. 

In order to begin an initiative I’d need the support of schools and I’d need the support of the government as a whole...I am only a young individual,I’m not sure where to start but I’m trying to make a start in order to make a change,for the future generations.