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"Not Another McDonalds on Kent Island" To Queen Anne's Co.Officials, Planning & Zoning,Thompson Creek Mall:

We as citizens do not want to see another McDonalds built on Kent Island. We already have a McDonalds which manages to suit our community and its fast food needs. Having another McDonalds built on the opposite side of the Rt 50 highway would clearly be catering to the needs of out of county residences traveling eastbound four months out of the year. As locals we have already seen the impact of this beachcomber traffic during summer months. The negative traffic impact and its effects to the northside of the island backroads have caused major backups for our traffic. Not to mention if an emergency were to take place and the difficulty in getting vehicles through. Having another McDonalds built on the south side of Rt 50 on Kent Island would only lead to more of the same traffic situations. As citizens we strongly feel that this is not in the best interest for the welfare, safety and future of Kent Island. We strongly urge you to take the time to evaluate this action before considering having another McDonalds built on Kent Island.

Thank you for your consideration,

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  • Q.A.'s Co. Officials, Planning & Zoning, Thompson Creek Mall

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