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Bion Environmental Technologies plans to build what it’s calling an “Integrated Livestock and Ethanol Project” in Oswego County, New York that would include a beef cattle feedlot and ethanol and beef processing. It would introduce a 72,000-head CAFO, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, to a region that has only known small and medium-sized farms.

What’s more, Bion’s project introduces too many health and environmental risks. The biotech company’s method of animal waste and ethanol conversion has never been attempted at this scale. Cattle would be fed an ethanol conversion byproduct that could increase the concentration of E. coli bacteria in cattle, which in turn would increase the risk of bacterial contamination for consumers of that beef.

Bion’s Integrated Livestock and Ethanol Project is not only greenwashing a fundamentally unsustainable practice, it’s downright dangerous to the environment, the cattle, and consumers. If we look the other way while this plant is built, it could lead to more. Wherever you live, we all have a stake in stopping Bion from building this plant.

Bion has stated it will request subsidies from the State of New York. You can help block this environmental nightmare by sending a strong message about those subsidies. Tell New York State's Farm Service Agency not to support subsidies for a new CAFO.

Letter to
State Executive Director, New York State Farm Agency James Barber
I was alarmed to learn that the Town Board of Schroeppel has approved Bion Environmental Technology’s plans to build a 72,000-head beef feedlot, processor, and ethanol conversion plant. I’m further concerned to hear that they are planning to request state subsidies to help finance this project.

A 72,000-cattle feedlot is too big for Oswego county. A plant this size would destroy the local tourism economy and could also damage surrounding family farms and the water supply. Bion’s methods have not been tested on this large of a scale. Plus, the beef the plant produces would pose a health risk because its cattle would be fed an ethanol byproduct that increases the risk of E. coli bacterial contamination.

We can’t afford the health and environmental risks Bion wants to bring to New York State. Please do not support subsidies for Bion.

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