Remaster Famous Title "Wii Sports" for Nintendo Switch Console

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Who else enjoyed playing "Wii Sports" back in early 2000's for the first time?

Timeless games that deserve to come to the surface once more! 100's of hours my friends and I spent playing games like: Bowling, Boxing, Baseball, Golf and Tennis. Seeing this experience come to life again in this time of grief would be a spectacular experience!

Being the generation to grow and thrive with old and new technology, the rise of internet popularity and social media; a game this nostalgic would cause a tidal wave of comedic proportions!

The Nintendo Switch console is MORE than capable of sustaining a game that would be leagues above what the Nintendo Wii had to offer. The Nintendo Joy-cons are almost perfect in every sense of modern day virtual reality hand-eye motion experiences.

YouTube content creators are GOING BACK and playing this game AGAIN; over a decade later they still love it! Viral videos of at home comedy would surge through: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Twitch etc... WE HAVE MEMES INSPIRED FROM THIS GAME PEOPLE!

Remember "Boxing Guy"?

I distinctly remember this guy LEAPING 40 feet in the air to catch my Home-run ball TWICE in one game!

"There is not really any Wii Sports related game for the Nintendo Switch as of current, and the closest there is, isn’t close enough!

The Nintendo Switch has more than enough capability to have a remake of the original Wii Sports classic, as the gyros in the remotes are freakily accurate to the touch." (© 2020,, PBC - Certified B Corporation),freakily%20accurate%20to%20the%20touch

GameSpot considered it to be part of, "The Most Influential Games Of The 21st Century: Wii Sports".



-Thomas E Rinck III-