We demand an EES to protect The RAMSAR wetlands in Seaford Victoria! Stand with us!

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The State Government of Victoria is planning to construct a large train stabling Facility 870 metres from a RAMSAR listed wetlands which is home to many migratory and native birds some that are endangered and threatened. This facility will operate 23.75 hours a day and have stabling for 24 trains, maintenance sheds, train washing machines.

The size of the facility will be 75,000 square metres which will operate day and night and will be brightly lit all night. The drivers are required to sound their horn every time the train moves off as a requirement of OHS rules. Please read below the impacts this facility will have on the critically endangered Curlew sandpiper endangered Australasian bittern and the pictured Sharp-tailed sandpiper.

Stand with us and please read the environmental impacts and sign our petition.

Environmental impacts

Migratory birds that occupy and reproduce at the planned site, will be threatened by. Artificial Night at Light (ALAN) produced by the facility. Birds navigate by celestial cues and will be drawn to the large banks of light on their way to the wetlands. They become confused and disorientated and use vital energy stores needed to reach the wetlands.

The noise from the shunting and train washing machines and other heavy equipment will stress the endangered /threatened and other birds and they will stay close to their nests., have less chicks with a lower than average body weight. Birds use their hearing to detect predators and this will make them easy prey. These are only a few of the potential impacts.

Our local wetlands must be protected from these harmful effects. There is no reparation once damage has been done.  As stated, there is no Environment Effects Study (EES) for the train stabling in Seaford.

Please do not let apathy allow for this destructive train maintenance yard to be built.

The petitioners therefore request the legislative Assembly of Victoria to:

Perform an Environment Effects Study (EES) for the facility so appropriate and effective mitigation of noise and light from the facility can be implemented.

For more information, please visit our web site: noskyrailfrankstonline.org

Petition presented by No Sky Rail Frankston Line community group www.facebook.com/groups/NSRFL