Reintroduce Trams in Norwich City Centre to help combat air pollution

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In May 2018, we discovered that Norwich is ranked as one of the worst cities in the UK for air pollution.

I believe that this is caused by diesel buses and cars unnecessarily stuck in traffic.

To combat this, Trams could be re-introduced to central Norwich.

Electric powered Trams could replace all busy Bus routes. E.g. Top of St Stephens Street through to the Train Station. The Hospital & UEA through to the City Centre.

Trams could potentially make travel in central Norwich greener and more convenient for everyone.

Electricity generated from solar panels on surrounding buildings could eventually power them as we shift towards renewable energy.

Norwich used to have a thriving 17.5 mile network of Trams, but these were abolished in 1935 to make way for polluting cars and buses.

Let’s make Norwich a ‘Fine’ City again.


UK's most polluted towns and cities revealed article:

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