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Create a public seating area outside/inside The Forum in Norwich

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Norwich is a vibrant, historic and welcoming city so appeals to people of all backgrounds. In the heart of the city there is a wide range of shops, community spaces and educational services. However, unfortunately there is no public seating area for students, the general public and tourists.

In and surrounding The Forum,  there are a variety of cafes and restaurants but if one was to simply sit to admire the picturesque scenery it is impossible without purchasing an item of food or drink. On a regular basis people use a cafe such as Marzano or the Library for business meetings, studying and leisure but this is not convenient as tables are used for long periods of time which reduces trade and is not their purpose. 

Also there are frequent events held around and inside the Forum itself which engage people from all over the country. I am fully aware that these require a large open space but I have noticed on numerous occasions that those attending have no where to rest and the visitor hosts themselves lack suitable seating. 

During the summer months many people use the steps outside the Forum as a place to eat their lunch and chat, rather than spending money in a cafe or sitting inside a building. However the steps are very crowded, dirty and inaccessible for some which indicates a need for a seating area. 

Furthermore when the weather is less pleasant there is no where for all these people to go. There are currently a few seats available inside The Forum but these are constantly being used and if you are to spend a long period of time here, you are politely told to leave. Therefore people use the steps outside the public Library while they wait for it to open or stand which is off putting for the majority of people or not allowed. 

Consequently, I believe that a public seating area should be placed either inside or outside The Forum to facilitate students, the general public and tourists etc. This will increase business, tourism and the reputation of the area.

After all, isn't it expected that there is seating available when the area is surrounded by schools, shops and iconic public attractions? 

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