Rejection for nomination of Juan Manuel Santos and Timochenko to the Nobel Peace Prize

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Bogotá D.C October 2015


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Subject: Rejection for nomination of Juan Manuel Santos and Timochenko to the Nobel Peace Prize


It is not only surprising but offensive to have the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and terrorist Timoleon Jimenez, “Timochenko”, main leader of FARC guerrilla (terrorist group that plunges Colombia into mourning and bleeds its people to death with their criminal actions), among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Price this year. A prize that should be an award to the perseverant and relentless search for peace, so precious to all human beings.


The photo of Santos and Timochenko shaking hands in Cuba, and the presumed justice agreement that has not been revealed to the Colombian people (because there is no such agreement, or it is so catastrophic that it is not convenient to reveal it yet, and that may cause new cycles of violence), may not be a smokescreen to cover crimes committed for more than five decades by FARC terrorists. Crimes for which these terrorists have never shown any remorse, or respect with their victims, or willingness for peace through justice and reparation. 


Just by recalling some of their criminal and terrorist actions that have repeatedly violated the human rights, voices from many sectors of the Colombian society categorically reject their nomination and possible award. It would be a monument to reward impunity, not peace.


1.    Bojaya massacre: more than 100 people were despicably murdered with bomb cylinders thrown by members of FARC against a church in the Department of Choco. Children, women and elderly were victims of the use of non-conventional weapons: serious war crimes and violation of the international humanitarian law. (

2.    Takeover of the city of Mitu by guerrilla members: Approximately 1,500 guerrilla men participated in the indiscriminate attack against the whole city. More than 30 military men were murdered with bomb cylinders, and 68 more were kidnapped and held for more than 10 years in captivity where some died. The Colombian justice sentenced Timochenko as co-perpetrator of homicide with terrorist purposes, aggravated extortive kidnapping, and aggravated personal injuries and rebellion for this tragedy. (


3.    Terrorist attack to El Nogal Club: A bomb-car was activated in this attack in February 2003 at the facilities of this club in Bogota, Colombia. The attack perpetrated by FARC guerrilla resulted in 36 people murdered, and more than 200 people injured.     (


4.    Countless reproachable actions such as the systematic cultivation of anti-personnel mines, use of non-conventional weapons, recruitment and abuse of underage children, induced/forced abortion, selective throat-cutting, acts of brutality, genocides of indigenous, afro-colombian, and peasant communities, and total despise for human dignity, have been abominable practices by a criminal structure such as this one.  (


5. On the other hand, FARC members attacked the AWA indigenous reservation in the municipality of Barbacoas, Nariño. They gathered 17 indigenous and accused them of being supporters of the Military Forces of Colombia. Then, they tortured the indigenous by beating them up. They took live babies out of the pregnant women´s wombs, and they murdered 8 indigenous with bladed weapons. (


While these and other actions that point at FARC and its main commanders as the biggest killers of a society that has lived and keeps living the terror by those who look for power, no matter what, the goal of Timochenko, Marquez, Catatumbo, and the other accomplices is not peace. Moreover, the announcement about justice made in La Habana, does not represent a guarantee of welfare for the victims, or for Colombians.


Therefore, and having given you the narco-terrorist catalogue of crimes of one of the nominees for the prize, we duly request, for respect with the victims and with the Colombian people, to remove such nomination and possible award of one of the worst criminals in the history of human kind. Peace can be achieved with justice and truth, not with the exaltation of impunity.


Just like in 1939 when Hitler was nominated to the Peace Prize (and nine months later he invaded Poland), we hope there won´t be another blameworthy nomination of a criminal responsible for crimes against human kind this year with Timochenko, as this would be a historic, fatal, irreparable mistake.


With deep respect and consideration.

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